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Confirming your registration for the event is very simple:

  • Login to the Portal (if you are not yet registered, create a user) here.
  • Sign up for the event: Do it here.
  • Join the Association. It takes 5 minutes and a printer. Because Proxima is an association in good standing, you must be a full member to register for the event. However, for bureaucratic and insurance reasons, approval may take a few days. Fear not! Your spot will be reserved until you receive the approval email.
  • Pay for your ticket from your personal area.

Once payment is made, your registration will be confirmed.

Note: if you wish, you can defer the payment in 3 convenient tranches.

You can find all the details here, in the "TICKET TYPES" section.


Cyberpunk is an all-inclusive event. Ticket includes:

  • continuous entertainment for the duration of the game;
  • exclusive pre-event content, reserved for your character;
  • access to extra in-game materials, online: Chromebook (oops, spoilers!), CYBERPUNK - The Complete Guide (also available in paper version), introductory videos reserved for players;
  • presence of professional photographer in game and video footage of the event;
  • personalized advice on your costume, tutorials and useful links in the dedicated group, soon to be published;
  • all-inclusive food & beverage, for the duration of the event;
  • accommodation in a structure close to the location;
  • location in use for the event exclusively, set up with immersive scenery (movie set quality);
  • a night at the disco with open bar and DJ Set;
  • a personalized basic make-up for your character, by SFX Staff.


CYBERPUNK is a high quality event.

We have planned various registration slots, designed both to meet the needs of those who have a limited budget, and to reward those who decide to support our event.

The tickets, all inclusive of animation, bonus materials and full board are divided as follows:

  • Rising Star - 120 € - Discounted ticket, reserved for players under 20 years old. (max: 5)
  • Nomads - 170 € - Filler Ticket, reserved for those who can’t join all three days, with a light character belonging to the group Nomads.
  • Sprawler - 180 € - Discounted ticket, reserved for those in need. There are few of them, ask only if you really need it! (max: 10)
  • Street Kid - 180 € - Discounted ticket, reserved for players under 25 years old. (max: 10)
  • Choomba - 240 € - Regular ticket. Welcome to the Sprawl. The Future is one ticket away.
  • Samurai - 320 € - I see, you're a person of culture. Read the next paragraph, we have a surprise for you.
  • Legend - 400 € - Your name will be engraved in the Net forever. To thank you, we have reserved some special offers for you: read the next paragraph.

Attention: we remind you that in order to participate in Proxima's events you must be a member and pay the annual fee of 10 €. Proxima is a regularly registered Association, and becoming a member of Proxima will allow you to become an integral part of our world, participate in our initiatives and our events and be covered by a liability insurance, included in the card, that will allow you to enjoy our events with serenity.


If CYBERPUNK will be your dream event, it would happen thanks to your support, too.

Actually, if you choose to buy a Samurai or Legend ticket, you will contribute to make the aesthetic, technical and scenic system even more spectacular.

In addition, you will give us the opportunity to offer more discounted tickets (Rising Star, Street Kid and Sprawler), thus giving the opportunity to more people to attend the event: the more we are, the more we have fun.

To thank you for your support, we have reserved some surprises for you.

If you choose the Samurai ticket, you will have much more chances to get the character you want. The assignment algorithm, in fact, will give a different weight to your choices, compared to those of other players.

Moreover, you will have a direct communication channel with the Staff, who will be ready to suggest you the character more in line with your desires and with the kind of experience you want to live.

If you choose the Legend ticket, you will get all the benefits listed above, an even greater chance to get the character you want, and three exclusive memories of the event:

  • CYBERPUNK - The Complete Guide, in a bound, paperback format, printed in full color on glossy paper.
  • The guide will contain a personalized dedication, written by members of the Staff and the authors of your character.
  • A set of 10 stickers of your choice;
  • A poster of the event, to bring the memory of the experience to your home.