{ Hey, Choomba!
 Welcome to the Future.
 Are you excited?
 You'll soon get over it. }

My name is Ratz. If you properly open your ears, I'll teach you everything you need to know to survive in the Sprawl. Or, at least, die trying.

A cyberpunk world

_ Year 2020. Over the years, poets and writers have tried to imagine what the Future would have been like. Well, no one has been cynical, mad or depressed enough to get it right.

_ D I S C O V E R _

The City

The City is a huge urban conglomerate, which over the years, due to uncontrolled growth, has merged entire cities into a singular megalopolis. It has become an autonomous ecosystem with its own climate; you can't really tell the difference between day and night, because the artificial sky is always grey.
I heard a guy describe it as "a cancer, evolving out of control and absorbing everything in it".
He wasn't so wrong.

_ D I S C O V E R _

mega _ corPs

These are the most important Mega-Corps in the world.
It’s impossible you never heard of em.
Maybe you hate them, with all your heart.
Maybe you think they should just be eliminated.
But you know them.
Everybody knows them.
That's their power.

_ D I S C O V E R _


These are the five gangs that have decided to settle in Chiba Station on a regular basis. Each of them controls different blocks of the Sprawl surrounding the station, but they have chosen this one as their base.
If you ask me, they're just a bunch of misfits, rejects from society, held together only by the fact that they have no one else.
Well, I think that's the best definition of "family" in our world.

_ D I S C O V E R _


Every one of us has a role, in our fucked up society.
Some might be clearer than others.

_ D I S C O V E R _