CYBERPUNK will be a spectacular event. All the technical department of the event will be managed by a company of set and event designers, Hup - Live Experience. We invite you to take a look at their facebook page to see the quantity and quality of their work.

The logistic service, the set up and the creation of the scenery will be entirely taken care by Hup: this will allow us to expand our organizational structure with their know-how in the technical-scenic realization, in order to give you a memorable experience.

On this page we will publish previews, photos and work in progress of the sets that you will find at the event, and that will help make CYBERPUNK a unique event of its kind.


Powerful, feared, obsequious. The Japanese alcove is their base in the Sprawl.

Torii - making of

The Torii, or portal of the gods, is the entrance to the Nakada corporations inside their base.

Zyodine Industries

High voltage panels are the Zyodine's tool of choice. Trust me, you don't want to know how they use them.

The Sprawl - enter

Chiba Station. The most corrupt, violent and rotten place in the city. Welcome.


Chiba Station is full of hologram images and advertisements. We'll show you a preview of them here.

Quantum Machine - making of

This structure will have a very special function in the game. Who knows, you might find yourself using it.