Running in the net

In the event, there will be only one place where a Run in the Net can take place: a special room, managed by Ratz. It is so integral to Chiba that some might say it is "sacred" ( whatever that means in the Future ).

The special game mechanic is only accessible to one character at a time. To begin, a Runner must send a message to the special contact "runner", with the format "REQUEST X", where X is the specific goal they have in mind. For example: REQUEST Stealing credits from Firefox account .

Messages sent to the "runner" contact are off-game communication, so don't worry about being tracked. It is important to be as clear as possible about the specific goal of your Run , so that we can adapt the difficulty level you are about to tackle.

When you send the message, you will enter the queue: the "runner" contact will reply to you and let you know when it is your turn. You will have a few minutes to enter the room before the next character in line is called, so be sure to stay close to Ratz's bar.

After each Run (successful or not) each Runner has to spend some time (half an hour) relaxing before they can try another one. This allows you to share the game mechanics with other players.

Running Goals

The Runner has full freedom to choose the goal of his Run. In this paragraph, we indicate the range of possible objectives.

The first indication is that the goal will need to be extremely specific. If not, you will receive "Objective unattainable, please rephrase" in response. Let's take a series of examples of objectives that are not definable:

  • I want to steal money from that corporate asshole who screwed me. This is an Objective unattainable because the staff has no way of knowing who you are referring to!
  • I want to delete the photo of Celeb Quinn , the one where she is threatening the Boss. This is an Objective unattainable because the staff has no way of checking hundreds of photos to figure out which one you are referring to!
  • I want to make it so that when Dash writes to Holden what happens is actually this one. This is an Objective unattainable because the staff can't really hack the participants' smartphones!

Now let's move on to how to make a Goal achievable.

First define the target , the target of your Run, ie the specific account.

Secondly define the action , what you want to achieve. It can be: read, create, modify or delete.

Thirdly define the object , what you want to act on. It can be: economic transaction, message, contact, photo, video, data, notes.

The whole range of possibilities offered to a Runner results from the combination of all possible targets, actions, and objects. Let's take a series of examples of goals that are achievable:

  • On Quinn's account I want to create an economic transition, transferring 1,000 credits from her account to mine.
  • On Dash's account I want to read all the messages he has exchanged with Holden in the past few hours.
  • On Leia's account I want to delete the photo named "blackmail boss".

Remember: Help us when you indicate the goal of the Run. We are not inside your head, we cannot guess what you want . Think about what we can physically accomplish: we are not omniscient.

Ask the NET

Another possibility is to ask the NET a question. We want to leave this possibility for Runners who want to deepen a specific part of the setting. In this case, the rule is always the same: Vague questions get vague answers:

  • Question: When did the corp mess everyone's talking about happened? Answer: Definitely after 8,000 BC. (the question is vague because the staff has no way of knowing which mess, or which corp, you are referring to).
  • Question: It could be possibile if one wanted to access the external NET? Answer: There is a non-zero probability that this could happen under the just circumstances (l the question is vague because it does not indicate to the staff what you intend to do, the real discriminating factor of feasibility).
  • Question: Why is this happening? Answer: Because of a series of previous factors, wills and motivations that created this situation. (the question cannot have a single comprehensive answer).

Instead, the solution is always the same: Precise questions get precise answers:

  • Question: At what time did the explosion occurred in the Iota laboratory of Corp Nozama in which Dash died? Answer: The explosion occurred on June 16, 2018, at 7:45 am (GMT + 3).
  • Question: Can I access the external NETWORK to try to stop the transfer of the data file named "Project K" to the MegaCorp Gengrove? Answer : The difficulty of the Run is high, but it is possible.
  • Question: Why can't we fix the life support mainframe? Answer: It seems obvious that it has been tampered with.

Please note: Runners who attempt to abuse the question mechanic will be deprived of the ability to use this mechanic.

Runner's Room Rules

We are proud to offer CYBERPUNK attendees innovative technology to simulate a digital hacking. Yes, just like the ones you see in movies . To protect this sensitive technology, however, we need to put in place shared rules that we ask you to respect.

In the Runner's room, no disputes or brawls of any kind are allowed, both in and out of play. Food and drinks are not allowed.

A Runner can bring up to 5 other characters into the room. They will be able to follow the Runner's digital incursion on a television screen. While the Runner is immersed in the Net they can talk to him, but they cannot interact with him in any other way.

See the NET

Example of viewing the NET

The Runner sees the virtual area of ​​the NET with a dedicated device.

On the left a led strip shows the current status:

  • Led 1-3: Hit points remaining
  • Led 4: ICE (antivirus) active
  • Led 5: Active commands
  • Led 6-8: Focus remaining

On the right, a timer shows the time remaining to complete the Run.

Control the proxy

The Runner controls the proxy in the virtual arena with a game controller.

The left joystick controls the movements of the proxy. Any collision with an object in the arena will cause you to lose one hit point.

The right joystick controls the orientation of the laser beam.


During the Run, the system will actively try to stop the Runner. Systems can be of two types:

  • ICE_X (blue): Reverses the X axis of motion.
  • ICE_Y (red): Inverts the Y axis of motion.

Each ICE can be activated for a duration of 5, 10, 15 seconds. When it is active it will be shown on the Runner screen (if both ICEs are active it will show a magenta led).


The Runner can use 6 commands during the digital raid:

  • Shield (LB, magenta) : Temporarily protects against loss of hit points;
  • Hammer (RB, cyan) : Digital objects hit by the laser beam will be deactivated;
  • Cloak (Y, yellow) : Slow down the passage of time;
  • Ninja (X, blue) : Protects from ICE_X;
  • Hydra (R, red) : Protects from ICE_Y;
  • Overclock (A, green) : Increase the speed of the proxy;

Each command is triggered by pressing the corresponding button on the controller. It will consume Focus while active. The lost Focus is recovered when no command is active.

Net programs

During the event, a Runner can find an improved version of these programs in the form of 90's style black floppy disks. Each program has 3 levels (basic, advanced, supreme) which improve its characteristics.

  • Trace (7R4C3) : Increase the time available;
  • Cipher (C1PH3R) : Reduces the difficulty of the Run;
  • Netspark (N375P4RK) : Decreases the command focus cost;
  • Genie (G3N13) : Increases the regeneration of the Focus.

The number and level of programs that can be loaded depend on the plants owned by the Runner.

PLEASE NOTE: Programs are "consumables". After the race, they must be delivered to the nearest staff.


When the available time or remaining hit points reach 0, the Runner enters the condition called Flatline which involves an electromagnetic pulse strong enough to stop his heart. In the world of Runners it is the concept closest to final death.

The Runner can disconnect from the NET and avoid the Flatline only by returning the proxy to its starting position.

The Runner can be forcibly disconnected from the NET by any other character present in the room at that time . This can only be done if all the characters in the room verbally accept this course of action: in this sense, we remind you that heated discussions or fights are not allowed in the room. The Runner will suffer injuries based on the remaining time (if disconnected when less than 30 seconds remain, he will be automatically Defeated; otherwise he will be left with 1 point Stamina ).


Some characters will enjoy passive defense from Runs which automatically increases the difficulty of opposing hacking actions. This defense is increased for each role of Runner (substantial increase), Corp (moderate increase) and Boss (moderate increase) owned by a character.

NOTE: This defense can be lost due to game choices - for example, being fired from MegaCorp or losing command of the Gang.

NOTE: This defense only affects a character's main account. Has no effect on sub accounts.

Also, you can get temporary protections for any character. Well, man, you should have known how it works by now. Go to MissingNo and he'll tell you the price.