k Rules - Cyberpunk LARP


On this page, you can find a quick summary of the rules of this event.

Game app

A special App will be available during the game. To use it, you will need to have a Smartphone (the App was developed to be usable on the vast majority of models on the market). No installation is required (this is a web-based app). Username and password will be provided prior to the start of the game (in the character sheet). Through this App, it will be possible to exchange messages, money, photos, videos, data, and much more directly between the characters during the event. It will be possible to access this App at specific points, even for those who do not have a suitable phone.


The event tries as much as possible to make each interaction as realistic as possible. The specific word "OVERRIDE" is used for those interactions that we cannot really perform.

When pronounced, the following phrase is an order that must be respected. Whoever throws it must clearly indicate who the target is. It can be used, for example, to communicate the effect of an augmentationation by saying to another player: "OVERRIDE - Send me all your money". The staff could use it to communicate the effect of taking a drug, by sending a private message to the player that says: "OVERRIDE - Fall to the ground unconscious".

If a question is asked after OVERRIDE, there is the implicit order to answer only with absolute sincerity.


The game currency will be "credits", an electronic money managed automatically by the game App. Its purchasing power is approximately 10 credits <-> 1 & euro; / 1 $. Take into account that in the future, the value of some items could be very different from what we are used to (guns are sold in grocery stores for a few pennies, while a real apple is auctioned for the ultra-rich).

The game is intended to represent a fragmented and hyper-capitalist society, where selling your neighbor for a handful of credits is the norm. There will be specific rules to represent this element. Specifically, if your character is offered much more money than his current availability, he will be OBLIGED to accept the deal - no matter how immoral what is asked.

Additionally, many game mechanics will require characters to pay a fixed amount of credits (meals and drinks / access to healing machines / single-use of cyber surgery machine / single-use of the Runner gear). The services will be combined with special barcodes to be scanned with the game App.

The game will want to present an environment where everything is for sale. Each good or service will have a specific cost. Furthermore, the game will present a huge socio-economic gap. Players belonging to the Mega-Corp groups (especially those with a high number of Corp roles) will start the game with overwhelming purchasing power compared to others. In addition, the game will feature a specific inflation mechanic.

_ D I S C O V E R _


The game has a specific focus on memories - and the consequences of a technology that can copy, modify, or erase them.

During the game, there will be tracks , memories extracted from the mind of a donor and recorded on a digital medium - so that they can be relived continuously. These memories are audio recordings that the a player will be able to listen to if he has the medium on which they are recorded.

Listening to memories is one of the few ways left to still feel human emotions, in a society that is turning more and more towards dehumanization. For some characters this practice has become a real addiction , with deleterious consequences if they fail to get the " right " daily dose.

Some storylines in the game involve some characters having undergone mnemonic alteration processes. As a result, some information on the character sheet is willfully wrong. The correct information will instead be distributed among the digital memories.

During the game some character choices (such as having a system installed) will lead to sacrificing a memory. In this case, the player will choose a character's memory (deriving from the character sheet, or from a situation that actually occurred during the game). The character will not lose the factual memory (he will continue to remember what happened, when, with whom), but he will lose every sort of emotional connection with it.

You can sacrifice memories that are specified on the character sheet; memories of events that actually occurred during the event; self-defined common memories between players before the event.

With each loss of memories, the character will get closer and closer to the risk of falling into cyber-psychosis . This situation entails the total loss of control over the character's impulses and consideration of the life of others.

_ D I S C O V E R _


The game will represent a future where it is possible to implant cybernetic prostheses, which replace parts of the body to give superhuman abilities.

Each augmentation has a specific " power ", which will be explained only to the person who has it installed. This power can be used during the game, with specific indications on the conditions necessary to be able to use it, often inserted within a narrative context.

Each aug has a pre-requisite indicated in the minimum role level to be able to install it, from 1 to 3. The players can freely choose the 3 roles of their character to obtain any combination desired.

The augs will be represented by a chip, which can be stolen / removed according to mechanical specifications (whereas the props integrated by a player in their costume cannot be touched).

Only a limited selection of the available augs will be made public. Characters with Tek traits will have a more detailed understanding of them.

Each player will start the game with 1 aug to which he has access.

_ D I S C O V E R _

Wounds and Healing

The game has a dramatic / narrative rather than gamist approach.

Each character will have a specific number of Stamina (alocational) points. These are lost when hit by any type of weapon. Each weapon deals the same "damage".

The wounds suffered by the characters will be lethal only in the last act. In previous acts, a character who runs out of Stamina points is Defeated: helpless and unable to defend himself. The game includes various mechanics to allow you to take advantage of defeated characters (stealing money, data, systems, information).

The preferred way to heal is by paying for the treatment indicated in the self-healing machine. Some Tek plants allow you to heal in the field - but only and only the first Stamina point. Natural healing is possible, but extremely slow (one Stamina point recovered at the end of the act).

_ D I S C O V E R _


The approach to combat is neither sporty nor competitive, but cinematic: the fights are an opportunity to create dynamic and engaging scenes. All fights are self-regulated by each player through common sense, care for the well-being, and enjoyment of other players, the Safewords.

Only "modern" looking latex replicas are accepted melee weapons: batons, lead pipes, wrenches, knives, fire axes, and the like. Antique-looking replicas are strictly prohibited, such as the swords and axes used in medieval fantasy games. Weapons that hark back to cyberpunk imagery, such as single-row katanas, are welcome.

The game will feature two types of ranged weapons. The first represents the generic Sprawl firearm: cheap, easy to use, widely available. Each player will be able to take with him one owned by him. Out of play are represented by the AlphaPoint Nerf, a toy gun that emits sounds and lights. They can be rented (selecting the option in the sign-up form), or bought by players. Some Ronin augs allow you to reduce / ignore the damage of such weapons altogether.

The second type of ranged weapons are "Smart" weapons. They are special weapons, supplied by the staff, and usable only by the Ronin. They can be in 3 versions: pistol, rifle, submachine gun. Furthermore, each version has 3 "degrees": basic, advanced, experimental. Each level increases the capacity and increases the rate of fire. These weapons (and their upgrades) can only be purchased during the event with in-game credits.

Each character is able to use non-Smart firearms, and short sided weapons (daggers / short clubs). Each character is only able to use one weapon at a time. Each character has 3 Stamina levels. By installing special Ronin augs, it is possible to use different classes of weapons, use more weapons at the same time, and increase the number of Stamina levels.

The game will feature Cover, to give more emphasis to the cinematic aspect of the fight. If you jump behind a wall, or hide behind a low obstacle, you can expect to save yourself from a few hits from a distance. We do not want to have precise rules in place, as the coverage also allows you to observe the situation. If you are at a numerical disadvantage, or if your opponent is better equipped than you ... in the end, you are expected to lose. Some Ronin augs allow you to hit even behind cover.

There will be Grenades in the game. They are only "stunning"; they do no damage. Affected characters are disoriented for at least 30 seconds and cannot perform any "relevant" action (fight / run).

_ D I S C O V E R _

Running in the NET

Characters with at least one Runner trait can perform a "Run" in the NETWORK: a digital intrusion, with a specific objective. It will be possible to act in any way on the information tracked on the game App (transfer money, access messages, delete information).

The mechanics to perform the "Race" does not require the slightest knowledge of "real" computer skills. It only requires good spatial skills (the same one used while driving).

The "Run" can be performed in a specific room, by only one character at a time. To run it, you will need to book, and after each race, you will have to wait a period of time before running another one.

A Runner can take people with them on a run. They will be able to follow the progress of the intrusion, and help they (only by talking to each other). In extreme cases, they will be able to physically disconnect the Runner if he seriously risks the Flatline.

_ D I S C O V E R _


In LARPs with predefined characters, they are often delineated with "romantic" ties or interests. In Cyberpunk these elements will be completely absent from the character sheets, representing a world in which the same concepts of love, family, loyalty are dissolving. (This, however, does not prevent players from exploring such a link during gameplay.)