Hey, Choomba! In this section you will find all the practical information about the event.


The game will take place at Forte Ardietti (Peschiera del Garda, MN), an Austrian fort built between 1856 and 1861 on the architectural model of Forte San Michele in Verona. The fort is still preserved in its entirety and is in good condition.

Also in the fiction of the game, the structure of Chiba Station dates back to 1800: due to various events (which you will discover in the game: we don't want to spoil anything for you), it has undergone heavy transformations and has become as you know it today. A circle fought over by gangs and Mega-corps, oppressive and neon - lit.

Thanks to a team of set designers and SFX artists, the structure will be set and set up in style, until it becomes the beating heart of Sprawl. Disco, relaxation area, several bars and mysterious contaminated areas are just some of the features present in the game area. We will give life to a 360° illusion, made so also thanks to the total absence of sunlight inside the structure.

To get precise directions, please visit the location page.


The event will take place in 25-27 March 2022.

The event will last 3 days, from Friday afternoon to Sunday.

The arrival of the participants in the location is scheduled for Friday, by 14:00 (GMT+1), while the end of the game is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, by 16:00 (GMT+1).

The end of the game will be followed by an after party, with food & beverage offered by the Staff.

Arriving by car

The fort can be easily reached from the freeway exit of Peschiera del Garda on the A4 Turin-Trieste, then along about 3 km of paved road and a few hundred meters of dirt road. You can leave your car along the arrival road.

Once off the highway, take regional road 11 and then turn immediately towards Zanina, then towards Mano di Ferro. Along the road you will find indications for the fort.

Arriving by train / Plane

The nearest train station is Peschiera del Garda. The nearest airport is Valerio Catullo (VRN). The staff can provide a shuttle service, including transfers to and from the station / airport at the beginning and end of the event, and to and from the selected bnb at the beginning and end of the Acts. This service will have to be booked on the management system in your registration.

Last purchases

The location is not close to an urban town. The closest supermarkets are CONAD and ALDI, both 30 minutes (by walking) from the location. If you think you need to make some last purchases before the event, specify it when you request the shuttle service, it will make a stop there (but only on the first voyage, on Friday).

COVID Precautions

The event will be held following the COVID prevention guidelines in effect at the date of the event. The staff unanimously recommends that each participant complete the vaccination course, established in the country of origin. Each participant will also need to incorporate a surgical mask into their costume.

Update 9/10/2021: The Municipality of "Ponti sul Mincio" informed us that the access to Forte Ardietti, where the event is held, is granted only to those in possession of: (1) Green Pass valid at the start date of the event (2) Surgical mask.


Preparatory activities for the event will be held on Friday afternoon, explaining the core concepts of the experience. The workshops are intended to ensure that all participants have understood the information outlined in these sections.

Starting from the week preceding the event, it will be possible, as an alternative, to participate in online workshops. Players who carry out this activity will be exempt from attending the physical workshops and will be allowed to arrive at the venue later.

Important: it is not possible to attend the event without having completed workshops (be it online or live). At the workshops starting time, we will assign to “filler” players characters of “regular” ones who have not completed the online workshops and have not yet arrived.


The meeting is in the early afternoon on Friday. There will be some initial activities before the event, including explanations and workshops, to help you get into the spirit of the event. The game will end in the early afternoon on Sunday.

Important: it is not possible to participate partially in CYBERPUNK. The only exception is for players who have selected a Filler ticket.

The event is divided into acts. This means that there will be breaks in the narrative during the night hours, without animation by the organizers. In detail:

  • +++ PREPROCESSING +++ (Fri. 18:00 - 0:00)
  • +++ COMPILATION +++ (Sat. 10:00 - 15:00)
  • +++ ASSEMBLY +++ (Sat. 15:00 - 20:00)
  • +++ LINKING +++ (Sat. 20:00 - 00:00)
  • +++ EXECUTE +++ (Sun. 10:00 - 14:00)

Acts II, III and IV are continuous.

Start of the game

Here are the mandatory event starting times. You must be present on site with your costume and make-up sorted already. We will assign characters played by those who fail to meet these criteria to “filler” players.

(All times are GMT+1)

  • Arrival time for those who have not completed the online workshops: 2 pm.
  • Arrival time for those who have completed the online workshops: 4 pm

Those who have completed the online workshops, if they so wish, can arrive at the venue at 3pm. From this moment onward, it will be possible to enter Chiba Station to take photos in costume, supported by dedicated staff.

If you wish, you can arrive at the venue starting from 12.00 on Friday, to share lunch before the game (brought from home) with staff and other players.

Preparatory activities for the event, in order:

  • Gathering, costuming, makeup application;
  • Workshops / Shooting (alternative activity reserved for those who have completed the online workshops);
  • Speed larp;
  • Game Start.

Saturday morning and Sunday morning presence is required in location by 10.00 am, with the costume already worn and makeup already applied.

End of the event

The game ends at approximately 2pm on Sunday. After the event, there will be the third half: post-game snack, debriefing with the organizers, greetings and hugs! From that moment departure from the game area is free.


It is possible to stay overnight in a former Italian Army barracks adjacent to the fort. It is a structure in good state of preservation, where there are common rooms of about ten beds each.

The barracks have no heating system so since the time of the year, it is strongly recommended to get a warm sleeping bag (winter) and blankets. There are 3 bathrooms with showers with running water,although not heated. This accommodation is free of charge, but must be booked on the management system in your registration. It is also possible to stay overnight on Thursday (pre-event) or Sunday (post-event).

Obviously, if you wish, you are free to book a different accommodation as in the area there are several AirBnb to better meet individuals needs.


The event fee includes meals from dinner on Friday through lunch on Sunday. Meals will be served in-game. Food will be themed with street-food typical of the Cyberpunk genre: expect styled stalls serving oriental soups, canned drinks, noodles, dumplings, and burgers. Breakfast is not included.

Please note: In a cyberpunk world where nature has been supplanted by technology, fruits and vegetables are luxury items. They will only be available in the Corporate restaurant-for those who have the credits to buy them, of course. To emphasize the luxury of eating these foods, it is not possible to bring them from home. Instead, it is absolutely recommended to buy them in game, and eat them right in the middle of the Sprawlers, enjoying the looks of envy.

Note: if you are poor Sprawlers, do not despair. As much as we want to portray a desperate future, the Sprawl's food includes several vegetarian options. Of course, in game fiction it's all chemical junk. Then if you feel the need, you can go to the Safe Room, which is an out-of-game room in which those who need it can decompress, relax, and bite into a celery. Or a carrot.


Meals will include vegetarian variants, but we cannot guarantee options for specific diets (whether by choice or for health reasons). If you have such a requirement, we must ask you to bring food from home. If necessary, we can store it in the two refrigerators that we will keep in the out-of-play area, in which case bring a closed bag with your name written in plain sight to avoid it being taken by mistake. In general, for any food-related issues, please specify your needs in the "notes" space provided on the registration form.


The characters of this event are pre-generated, with a character sheet written by the staff. This means that each player will play a character of their choice, among the 85 available at this link.

Each one of you will be able to read a teaser, that is a small introduction that provides some key traits of that character.

When registering, you will be able to indicate your preferences (in ascending order) on which character you would like to play. Then, an algorithm created by the Staff will assign your character to you, taking into account the preferences you have expressed.

After the character assignment, you will unlock the complete materials reserved for that specific character: a detailed sheet including background, objectives, character and possibly special abilities.


The event is all-inclusive. To know the available ticket ranges, go to the sign up page.