These are the most important Mega-Corps out there. Surely you’ve heard of them.
Yes. You did.
Maybe you hate them.
Maybe you think that they only deserve to be annihilated.
But you know them.
That’s their power.


There’s a joke, running around in the Sprawl.
They say the Nakada has so much financial power that they could bring down entire regions at will.
That’s obviously not true.
Because Nakada could actually directly command individual nations.
This mega-corp was born in Japan, and specialized itself in finance and private security.
Everyone knows their logo. Because it’s printed on millions of black jackets, worn by millions of private guards around the world. And if you ever tried to mess with one of them, you know that it’s not a good idea.
A Nakada corporation always loves to make contracts. To be more correct, they love to cheat the fuck out of them, while respecting the terms flawlessly. After all, there is always a difference between what you want, and what you put in writing. And they will smile the whole damn time.
If you want to compete with them... good luck.
There are rumors of entire departments recruited directly from the yakuza, specialized in the destruction of every competing business. With any method or weapon.
The fact that these rumors continue to run perhaps indicates something about the nature of Nakada Corporation.
Perhaps they understood that terror has always been the most powerful weapon to control the world.


If you want to fight, you have to pay Zyodine.
After all, they make the best weapons, and the best implants.
And there’s no point of discussion.
They made sure of that.
Before the fall of the States, they said that the gun lobby was just one giant shadow organization, with ramifications in the industry, in the army and in the government. After the fall, it just gave itself a name,that name being Zyodine Industries.
Now the largest weapons manufacturer in the world, it works closely with almost every police and military force. Powered by cutting-edge technology, they have a very practical approach to destroy each obstacle they face: just apply an adequate level of violence. Be it in the political, business or even social context.
“Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.”
Their corporates have that type of mental reasoning. Calm, collected. No need to be angry, or to raise your voice, when you’re damn sure that they are going to be heard. Leave the yelling to the amateurs that do not understand how leadership works. They will never ask. Only tell you what is expected from you.
And you better do it.


Every industrial revolution was based on an energy source.
For the first, it was coal.
For the second, it was oil.
For the third, it was the atomic.
For the fourth, it is Ambrosia.

Mega-Corp originated in Europe and specialized in genetic engineering, it emerged after the total depletion of natural energy resources (gas, coal and oil). It was able to develop a line of cereals suitable to be refined into a universal fuel. The pressing energy demands of modern society have led to the point that the vast majority of the still cultivable world soil is now used only for this purpose.
Obviously, there is the little detail that all their products are sterile, so that everyone is forced to buy the seeds from them each year. Over time, they say that dozens of competing companies have tried to decipher their genetic code. Every single one of them failed. Or disappeared. Can’t remember which one.
These cunts and bitches will meet you while dressed in the most elegant dress money can buy, offer you one of the last bottle of real wine still in existence, and sweet-talk until you somehow agree it’s a good idea to sell half of your internal organs for a handful of credits.
In addition to the energy sector, Ambrosia also offers personalized medical services to a selected customer base. If you are rich enough to be able to afford them, there is no need for me to explain it to you. If you can’t, there is no reason.