Game app

The interactions during the game will be regulated through a specific WebApp. To use it, you will need to have a smartphone. You don't need to install anything: it's an online app, so you just need to open an internet page with Chrome, Safari, or the browser you use. We ask you to bring your own charger, and we recommend that you bring a spare power bank. You never know!

Login username and password will be provided before the game starts. Through the WebApp it will be possible to exchange messages, money, photos, videos, data, and much more directly between the characters during the event.

It will be possible to access the WebApp at specific points even for those who do not have a suitable phone with them.

N.B: using the WebApp for the exchange of sensitive material (eg sexual) involves immediate exclusion from the event.

N.B: The game includes barcodes to be scanned with the app. If the scan does not work (for ambient light or the like), entering the barcode code manually is possible. It is not allowed to store these codes in any form.

N.B: Some players can get access to a second account. For the purposes of the mechanics (for example, corruption or use of Corp's implants) when referring to the total amount of money owned by the player, refers to the money held in his main account (the one initially provided to the character).

NB: It is not possible to steal or act in any way directly on other players' smartphones. Should you see one around, the only possible case is that someone has lost it: give it to the staff or arrange to get it back without trying to access their profile.


The event tries as much as possible to make each interaction realistic. For those that we cannot really create, the specific call "OVERRIDE" is used.

When spoken, what follows is an order that must be respected . The issuer must clearly indicate who the target is. It is always (or generally) used to communicate the effect of a augmentations, saying e.g. to another player "OVERRIDE - Send me all your money". Staff could use it to communicate the effect of taking a drug by sending a private message to the player that says "OVERRIDE - Fall to the ground unconscious".

In case OVERRIDE is linked to a question, as a convention, the order is to answer in the most complete, sincere and truthful way possible (verbal tricks to hide information are not allowed).

A character cannot normally use this call. In case a character gets the chance to use it, he will be explained exactly the ways and conditions in which to use it. It is not possible in any case "invent" the OVERRIDE commands.

A player can use this command by following strict instructions, made explicit when the implant is inserted into his body. All implants have a power that expects to be used within a narrative context. There is in no case the possibility of giving an order as a "mental command" to anyone. But there is, for example, the possibility for a Corp (or a Boss) to give orders to the members of its MegaCorp (or Gang).

An OVERRIDE command has a maximum duration of one scene. By "scene" we mean a continuous narrative time. For example, a fight scene lasts until the fight is resolved, one way or another. If the OVERRIDE duration is different, it is specified by the power itself.

The use of an OVERRIDE is always explicit. Both the receiver and anyone else listening, realize the use of an effect out of the ordinary (that comes from the power of a system, from a hacking, or from ... something else ).

Some OVERRIDE calls use particular keywords. If a power is used against you that you cannot understand due to keywords that tell you nothing, rest assured: you must not react in any way, nor suffer any effects. The power was simply wasted on you.

It is never possible to interrupt an OVERRIDE. For example, if you know that a Corp can command you by looking you in the eye, you notice that your partner is making this mistake, and the Corp has already declared his OVERRIDE, you have no way to intervene (physically putting yourself between the two or otherwise ). The only exception is if you have an OVERRIDE command in response, for example to declare "This power has no effect on me").


"Credits" are the currency of the Chiba station. It is electronic money whose value is dynamically adjusted on the basis of ... Hey, but who cares how it works? Are you a Nakada employee?

Just know that it works and that everyone uses it. All time. Its purchasing power is approximately 10 credits = 1 & euro; = $ 1 (approximately).

The value of some items in the future may be very different from what we are used to in the real world. A gun could be sold in a grocery store for 1000 credits, while the last natural unprocessed apple could be sold at a private auction for hundreds of thousands of credits.

To help you understand the value of the currency, we provide the following examples (taken from the perspective of a regular Chiba Station resident):

500 credits - "Are you kidding me?"

You could buy a few hot meals at a noodle shop, with synthetic meat. If someone offered you this money for a job, you would laugh in their face.

10,000 credits - "You have my attention"

You could buy an aug of "unknown" origin, or a meal with a real salad. If someone offered you this money for a job, you would accept it if it didn't involve high risks for you.

500,000 credits - "I'd sell you my mother if I didn't already".

You could buy several brand new implants, or some heavy firepower. If someone offered you this money for a job, you would do anything. ANYTHING. By "anything" we mean a: "I'd betray my gang, my family, all my friends, everyone I've known, ask them for forgiveness, regain their trust, then betray them again. That's the kind of commitment that I am willing to make gladly in exchange for this sum of money ".


In cyberpunk, anyone gives in to the money offer. If you are not selling your neighbor, he is selling you.

In game terms, if at any time you are offered an amount greater than 5 times your current total availability, you automatically receive a "[OVERRIDE] Accept this agreement".

This means that if your character is offered a good chance, is OBLIGED to accept it - no matter how immoral what is asked of you or how many people you have to betray.

Ex. Katrina wants to get her hands on a briefcase that was recovered by the Voodoo Boys. She doesn't want to get her hands dirty, so she gets in touch with the youngest of the bunch: Jason. The offer is simple: 10,000 credits to take out the briefcase and give it to him. Jason barely has 1,200 credits - that amount can change his life. Jason is OBLIGED to accept, despite leading him to betray it's whole gang.

Please note: If you offer a financial deal with this mechanic to another player, you are bound to abide by it. In terms of the game, if a player has done what is required with this mechanic and presents proof of it, you automatically receive a "[OVERRIDE] Pay the agreed amount immediately; if you can't, do everything possible to recover the agreed amount as soon as possible ".


During the event, many game mechanics will require characters to pay a fixed amount of credits if they want them to work. This represents an overwhelming and hyper capitalist environment where nothing is free (and if anyone says otherwise, it's definitely a trap) .

Examples of game mechanics requiring in-game currency: meals and drinks, activation of Self Healing Machines, activation of Implant Surgery Machine, activation of Memory Record Listener, activation of Runner Gear.

All of these mechanics will be paired with barcodes and service names. Barcodes will need to be scanned with the in-game WebApp, so that their cost is automatically deducted from the character's account balance. Only then will the mechanics work.

Note: Starting money will be increased for all characters in Mega-Corp groups. In addition, the starting money will be increased by taking into account each character's Corp (substantial increase) and Boss (moderate increase) traits.

Please note: The game will feature a specific inflation mechanic.


In the setting, Cyber-Psychosis is a mental illness caused by an overload of cybernetic implants in the body. Symptoms are gradual and worsen with each new implant installed.

At first, a cyber psychotic becomes more distant, showing a loss of empathy and contempt for life. He gradually begins to identify himself more as a machine than a person and stops doing things that gave him pleasure (eating, sleeping, socializing, having sex, etc.).

As the disease worsens, the effects may vary from individual to individual, but always resemble a psychiatric disorder . Not all cyber-psychotics are physically violent: some have fragmented personalities, others are kleptomaniacs, others are compulsive liars.

In the same room where you lose a memory (the Black Room), there will be a special mechanic to guide you to explore the depressing side effects of unbridled progress, the cost of transhumanism where you get something new by leaving something else behind him.

PLEASE NOTE: In the setting there is no known cure. And when you say none, you mean the "none" you take note of after dozens of Corp have thrown billions of credits into unsuccessful cure research. If a character during the event promises to have the cure, you will think that she is clearly trying to steal credits from you .

Special objects

Below is a summary of the most common items you may encounter while staying at Chiba Station.

Note: You may encounter other items not listed here at the event. Their effect will be made explicit in the game app, when used, by scanning their code. Warning: the effect of some items is revealed only after they have been used / activated. Dude, if you want to continue living, I don't have to be the one to tell you to do not eat the strange candies that a stranger "gives you" behind an alley.

All items must be returned to the nearest staff once used. (Note: if a prop represents an edible element, such as a medicine or a drug, it is not necessary to take it really to represent that you have used it: just pretend and give it to the staff. On the other hand, if you find a sachet in which the edible element is missing, you cannot use it).

Quantum Chip

Chip used for quantum computing, a necessary technology for the most incredible machines. They are very rare: in fact, in Sprawl, one would be surprised to see one. They are also very valuable.

These chips are consumed to activate some of the most powerful effects of the futuristic technologies featured in the game. In particular, activating the Quantum Machine always requires consuming one of these chips.


Syringes filled with a mixture of healing and stimulating agents that allow the user to enhance the natural regenerative functions of their body. When used they give a temporary Stamina point (not cumulative).


Take it once, and you won't be able to think of anything else. Each time you shoot this stuff in yourself, you can ignore the reload time of a single implant. And then? Well, Choomba, still believe that drugs have no side effects, come on. It's better this way, isn't it?

Off-game, the contents of the sachets are sugar crystals treated with purple dye; they are safe to ingest, but you do not need to do so to activate the object's effects.

Firearm Chip

Chip for upgrading a Smart Ranged Weapon. To be applied to a desired weapon type and / or weapon level. Bring them to Ratz, and he will take care of them.

These chips are consumed to upgrade a Smart weapon, increasing the rate of fire and the magazine. Fixer and Ronin, based on their level, are able to recognize its usefulness.

Comms Chip

Chips that allow you to influence the spread of news. A Media can use them to give more importance to any news (yours, yours, or others) or to try to bury any news (his own, or that of others).

These chips can be consumed when sending a news item. Fixer and Media, based on their level, are able to recognize its usefulness.

Net programs

Black floppy disks. If you are not a Runner, don't try to understand what they do. If you are a Runner, they will have to snatch them from your cold corpse.

These chips can be consumed during a Run. Fixer and Runner, based on their level, are able to recognize their usefulness.


Here is a summary of the most famous places in Chiba Station.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not possible to fight near the locations listed below. If you do, Ratz will be pissed. And you don't want Ratz to get pissed off.

Quantum machine

Through the use of quantum chips, it can operate technological recombinations of all kinds. In game terms, several "Projects" can be completed to get a new item. Each Project indicates all the required components. To complete it, you need to take them to the Quantum Machine, all together at once. You will be guided by a staff on how to insert them into the machine and how to use the result, if successful.

To use it, ask Ratz. And pay him the fee.


Runner stuff. Where Runner things are done. Do you want to know what to do? Ask a Runner. Who knows, he might even take you with him.

To use it, ask Ratz. And oh well. You get it.

Memory machine

Rumors say that the Zerobytes are about to put into operation a machine that can scan a subject's mind, analyzing if it has suffered mnemonic alterations. But that can also do more. They say it's a machine you don't have to use if you're afraid of the answers it might give. There is only one problem: the rumors were probably spread by the Zerobytes themselves. It's up to you how much to believe.

Radio warfare

A multi-frequency transmitting machine. STAY use it to spread information and music throughout Chiba. If you have news to spread, true or false, it is the right tool.

Brain reset

is the main threat of the Black Storms. If you break a Chiba Law they will drag you to the Brain Reset, and you will come out different. Perhaps it was originally built as a penitentiary tool for mental correction. Now that it has been under their paws for five years? If I were you, I would avoid knowing him in person. Except it's difficult. Because the Black Storms are the only who know which are the laws of Chiba not to break.

Cyber surgery machine

If you have an aug to install, this is the place. More than anything else, it is the only suitable place within kilometers. Fortunately, Iron Soul are always happy to share the gift of metal and silicon with a new adept. Hey, wait. Maybe I should have said "unfortunately".

Ratz bar

It may not even pass the minimum sanitation check. It may also have the highest death rate among its patrons in the Sprawl. It may just serve synthetic shit.

But hey, Choomba, it's the best synthetic shit you'll ever come across.

(This paragraph was NOT written by Ratz)

This is the dispensing point for lower quality food and drinks. Expect dubious drinks, and processed meatballs that wish were simply corpse remains in them. It would be easier to knock out.

NB: This is the point where Fixers can book the supply of material to Ratz. The speed of supply depends on your level of Fixer, and on the tip you give to Ratz. You will be contacted when it is time to collect and pay for the items booked. The price of each individual item requested will directly affect how many times it has been requested globally.


This is where mediocre quality food and drink is dispensed. Expect energetic drinks, and kibbles that say they taste like chicken. As if this "chicken" really existeded at all.

Black paradise

When something interesting happens in Chiba Station, it happens here. The Neon Demons run it, and every year they organize their supreme show there: the Black Sabbath. They say they will exceed all expectations this year. To be honest, they say it every year. Oh, well, we know you'll end up begging for a ticket again this time.

This is the point of dispensing of superior quality food and drink. Expect drinks and cocktails with a recognizable taste.

Le Chat Blanc

Entry to this exclusive business costs what a Sprawler earns in a year. And let's talk about the only, mere, entrance. Lady3Jane is ready to delight you with the most sought-after dishes available in this world. If you can afford it, of course.

is the point of delivery of supreme quality food and drink. Expect drinks that are considered extinct, such as wine and beer. Or unobtainable foods: fresh fruit and vegetables, unprocessed meat.