[ High-tech bodies require constant maintenance. Everybody knows that, but no Tek will ever warn you, before they slice you open. Why risk losing a client for life, right? Every piece of me I replace makes me wonder: which parts of me are still human and which are machines, now? Maybe this limit does not exist anymore, or maybe it never existed at all ⎯ we are what we choose to be. This is my truth, and nobody can take it from me, not even if they disassemble me piece by piece. This is my way of life, and no one will scare me out of it. ]

Cyberpunk wants to tell a story about a future that might be just around the corner. The event follows the quintessential motto of the cyberpunk genre: “High tech, low life”. Advanced technological and scientific achievements will be opposed to a degraded and fragmented society. A world humans created, with our bright minds and our rotten souls.

A high-production LARP, that can be defined as a thriller\drama on lost memories. It will raise the question: what are we willing to sacrifice, in order to survive another day? What does it mean to survive, but to lose what you think defines you? What you will become, when you lose yourself... when you realize that nobody forced you to take those choices?

It is both a journey back in time, and a jump forward. You will have a taste of life in the future, seen through the glorious 1980s’ filter – with a wink to the mood of absolute masterpieces of the genre like: Blade Runner, Akira, Johnny Mnemonic and Ghost in the Shell. You will live for three days under neon lights. Your pod will be filled up with the smell of junk food. Your life will be a constant struggle for survival.

Players will be able to choose from a wide selection of pre-written characters, each one with their own detailed personality, backstory and role. But they will also be able to further personalize them, creating their unique character ready to come to life in a story filled with secrets and action.

The game’s story is set in Chiba Station, a crossing point between the Inner City, dominated by Mega-Corps, and the Sprawl, controlled by Gangs. Life in Chiba Station manages somehow to look like a peaceful coexistence – but something is about to change.

The mantra is easy. High tech. Low life.
Chiba Station won't wait for long.
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