When you're living on the edge, getting a bullet hole or two isn't so strange. It's part of the job. But it's not that big of a problem most of the time. In the Future, medicine is advanced, and even the most serious wounds can be healed with no problem.

And ...? Come on, you should have understood by now. In this world there is always an "if". In this case, as in many others, you can heal if you have the money to pay the expenses.

Levels of health

All characters have a value of Stamina , meaning they can absorb a certain number of hits in combat before being knocked down. Each character starts the game with a value of 3. Additional points can come from, for example, Ronin implants.

Every weapon deals the same type of damage, so when you receive a hit it always reacts the same way, subtracting a Stamina point. You don't get any debilitating wounds, but it still hurts a lot. You have to properly simulate like cursing the son of a bitch who hit you, spitting on the floor, and so on .

The pain your character feels is relative to how much Stamina is still available. Missing the first point could result in a curse. Losing the last one will result in screaming in pain, limping, and being confused or forcefully cursing the opponent.

If the Stamina points run out, the character will be Defeated: exhausted, begging for mercy, agonizing with pain. He will be able to say short sentences and make small movements, but he will be able to fight or move independently in no case. In particular, a Defeated character is unable to oppose ; he, therefore, surrenders to the narrative authority of whoever killed him (who could decide to drag him wherever they want, or similar).

We advise you NOT to knock your character unconscious: is boring and does not create much interaction. There are better and more dramatic alternatives. Instead, we suggest cursing those who downed you, addressing those who defeated you with scornful words, betraying the group you fought for. Or try to save yourself by offering information, money, or objects in every way.


In Chiba Station, the main place to treat injured characters is the self-medication machine. Anyone who can get there (with his legs or dragged by weight) can use it. After paying a machine activation fee, of course.

The care will follow the specific rules indicated by the machine. Specifically, the recovery speed will depend on the amount of credits spent.

Quick fix

A Tek, with a special implant, is able to cure the first Stamina point in the field . But only that. Nothing more. You have to pay for further treatments (and the Tek as well).

Stamina temporary points

Some implants are able to donate temporary Resistance points that last up to half an hour.



Ah, sorry Choomba, were you serious?

But yes, sure, rely on your old-fashioned and slow biological healing system.

Each character automatically recovers a Stamina point at the end of each game act.


In the last act, and only in that one, a character who runs out of Stamina points faces death.

The conclusion of a character's story should always be a narratively significant moment. Whether you are killing your opponent or you are dying. Make sure you give the scene the necessary time and attention. Exchange one last big catchphrase, reveal the big secret you carry inside, curse your killer, blow yourself up with all present.

Make the scene epic.