Bring CYBERPUNK with you.
Thanks to the partnership with Hup - Live Experience, soon you will be able to buy very special gadgets: we are not talking (only) about in-game magazines or stickers, but real collectibles, created exclusively for this event.
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The Chromebook

The Chromebook, purchasable from your personal area, is the ultimate Event Guide that will leave you a lasting memory of your experience, showing exclusively ALL the implants of the game and their powers, even those secret and not purchasable before the event.

Fashion implants, special Cyberware and High Tech abilities will have no more secrets: due to its extremely spoilerish nature, the gadget will be given to you at the end of the event.

Style. Substance. Essentiality.

CYBERPUNK is more than an event: it represents a genre, a style. To bring this mood always with you, we thought of three exclusive gadgets, handmade and limited edition. Oathkeeper, Pillar of Strength and Taste of Elegance represent respectively the three MegaCorp Nakada, Zyodine and Ambrosia: they are real pieces of furniture, that you can bring to your home to give a cyberpunk touch to your environments.

The special gadgets, handcrafted by Hup - Live Experience, can be purchased from here.

Poster, Guide, Stickers


CYBERPUNK posters, guide and stickers, examples of which we show in the picture, are included in the Legend ticket. If you wish, you can upgrade from your personal area or buy them separately, always from your personal area.

Remember that these are exclusive items, in limited edition, that will be produced only for this event and only for those who will take part in it.