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From CYBERPUNK, you can expect to live for three days in a ruthless and alienated world where outcasts and scumbags fight over the few scraps of humanity that are left.

Your life will be a constant struggle for survival, a never-ending fight against rival gangs and powerful Corporations to take control over the slums. You will forget what the daylight looks like, and you will get used to the smell of junk food filling the air of that rat hole you call home.

Blades and guns, money and power, hacking and information trafficking. You will need every last weapon at your disposal to steal the few fragments of freedom that are left.

Beware, though, as behind the corner are hiding those questions you don’t want answered.

Because wounds heal, but awareness of what you have become doesn’t.


    The Future is here, and Technology has made all our dreams come true. We can now eradicate every disease and heal every wound. We can even push ourselves further, enhancing our bodies and minds to become stronger, faster, smarter. Cyberpunk will feature many technological and scientific achievements available to the players, starting from an innovative in-game communication system that will allow characters to exchange texts, money, photos and data in real-time, and even more!

    This is the Sprawl, a world where "If you are not selling your neighbor, you are the one who’s being sold". Cyberpunk will present you with a degraded and fragmented society, where only the greedy and ruthless can make it until the next day. Governments, social services, individual freedom: everything is gone, dismantled piece by piece by the Mega-Corps, multinational companies that gained so much power they can now operate like small nations.

    Everyone loves power. There’s no point denying it. But many are afraid of its price. During the game, all characters will have the choice to augment themself, replacing their biological parts with powerful cybernetics. But this act will always take something from them, something they may think it’s not useful or important anymore. That's the question Cyberpunk always poses: how much of yourself are you willing to sacrifice, just to survive one more day?
  • NEON

    The location will be entirely shielded from the daylight: for three days, the only light you will see will be the soft glow of neon signs.


Prior to the event, you will receive a complete character sheet that will take into account the choices you made during character creation. We only ask that you read it carefully, as it contains the narrative cues that will put your personal story on the runway! We also ask that you DO NOT SPOILER your character sheet to other players. Many cards contain secret information or conflicting details, which would be a real shame to spoil before the event!

You will also need to prepare your costume, according to your character's group style. There are no minimum costume requirements; instead, we will provide ongoing help and advice on this topic, especially on cybernetic prosthetics and electronics. The costume may have (and is, in fact, encouraged) to have stand-alone forms of light (such as LEDs, star lights, electric wires). But to ensure that everyone can participate in the event, we cannot accept costumes with flashing lights, no matter if it is a fast flash (strobe effect) or a slow flash.

The event ticket includes all meals, Friday through Sunday. The food will mostly follow the street-food style typical of Cyberpunk (soups, noodles, Chinese dumplings). It is MANDATORYto inform us of any allergies or intolerances in the registration management system. Please be aware that our cuisine is not suitable to meet the needs of those suffering from celiac disease. (We can provide some space in the fridge if you wish to bring something ready-to-eat with you)

Secret sharing

The character sheet will provide you with some secrets for your characters – thus the game cannot be defined as “transparent”.

The secrets only purpose is to be revealed in time, and to provide the game with surprises and difficult choices for the characters.

We ask players to AVOID_SPOILERING secrets to other players before the game.

We also encourage the players to make “stupid” choices during the game, such as letting their secret slip away while talking with a close friend, talking loudly of a shared secret when you know that somebody else is listening, “forgetting” documents in areas frequently visited by other players.

Each and every secret that has not been shared by the end of the game has been WASTED, and it is a lost opportunity for all the characters involved.

We thus ask players to check periodically if they took appropriate measures in order to share secrets their characters know about. Indicatively, by the end of the second act, all the secrets should have been shared with close friends; by the end of the third act, they should be known by most people.

Please note, much information on the character sheet will be intentionally missing or incorrect, representing past manipulation of the character's memories.


The game includes a limited form of "fateplay".

They are mostly a light form of game control by staff, who would want your character to witness a scene or participate in it, without letting you know in advance what will happen. For example:

Bill has a fateplay: At 11 p.m. go have a drink at Ratz's. Bill goes there and witnesses the exchange of a briefcase with the radiation symbol on it, and goes to report it to his Boss.

Another form is that of the consequences of certain actions:

Jane takes an unknown drug, scans the code he found in the box. Soon a message comes to him through the in-game app: OVERRIDE - Your character is invincible and super aggressive for 10 min, but after that you will instantly fall Defeated and have to rest an hour.

Most of the fates won’t take much time from the player’s, but some characters may have stronger fateplays. These characters will be explicitly marked during their assignment.

Play stile

The game will present a high degree of competition between groups and characters. This competition is presented as a necessary part of the setting, where only the toughest can reach the top.

But "dominating" IS NOT THE GOAL of the game: competition is part of the game context that will help your character to interact with others. The goal of the game and the players is to LIVE_A_CORAL_STORY together. A unique, intense story that you will remember forever.

In order to live this setting at its best and to have fun, we suggest to all players to totally identify with their character, even if this may involve suffering small or big defeats... a bit like in real life. Only in this way you’ll be able to fully taste the intensity of the drama that this game wants to create.

Immersion is not always easy for everyone, but you can help other players, supporting them in interpreting the characteristics of their characters.

If a powerful Corporation invites a Sprawler to its office to talk about a private matter, the Sprawler will be visibly shaken, because it knows how ruthless of reputation the Corporations are. Similarly, the Corporation may raise its voice and use rough manners to ease the Sprawler's agitated state of mind.

This is a simple way to help each other better experience their characters and, most importantly, both have more fun.

Physical play

Violence is a paramount to the cyberpunk genre, and there will be more than enough occasions for the players that like to get their “hands dirty” to do so.

For close combat fighting the game will include weapon props made in foam or other safe materials. All the weapon props will need to be checked for usage before the start of the game. The props are limited to modern-style weapons (i.e. Baseball bat, bowie knife) or sci fi-style (i.e. https://www.larpstore.it/prodotto/quickfang-official-destiny-replica/).

For ranged fighting, the game will include nerf weapons (in-game they will be low-grade guns) and dedicated gun props that will indicate the shooting with a light and a sound signal. The sound will be loud enough to be heard, but it will definitely not be as loud as a blank shot commonly used in LARPs.

Can I bring my own nerf gun or foam weapon? YES! We just might ask you to see it before the game starts.

During the workshops we’ll also explain dedicated mechanisms for physical brawling and intimacy, aimed for best compromise between visual believability and personal boundary respect.

(Cyberpunk is a violent setting, but we want to play it safely - during all the game, the usage of excess of violence during combat scenes will NOT_BE_TOLERATED)

Note: the game does not necessarily require physical effort to play. We suggest players who wish to avoid it to focus on characters (e.g. with Corp or Boss role) that can resolve conflicts in other ways.

Physical and mental safety

We strive to ensure the physical and mental safety of all players during the event, but we can only do so if we are informed of potential problems beforehand. It is up to you to decide what to share with us. These informations will be treated as strictly confidential: only selected few organizers will have access tosuch informations, and it won’t be shared in any way or shape. These include: physical health issues, epilepsy, mental health issues (e.g., neurosis, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, various phobias), triggering topics (we can't promise that you won't encounter these at the event, but we will make sure they are not part of your main quests).

This information can be added on the appropriate form to be completed prior to registration.

Consulting & Safe room

If you feel you need a break during the game stop by Ratz's Bar. By convention, this is a safe place: nobody starts fights here, nor does raises his voice.

In particular, Ratz is the contact person who makes sure the players are comfortable and helps them with their game. You can approach this figure when you feel you have problems playing with another participant, when you feel uncomfortable with certain elements of the game, when you feel bored or stuck and don't know what to do.

If you feel uncomfortable, ask Ratz to take you to the SAFE ROOM. This is a place outside of the game setting where we will bring you water, chocolate, or hugs as needed.

Remember: you are responsible for your own safety, but we will provide you with hot drinks, hugs and snacks <3.


Any prejudice, antagonism, discrimination based on real-world attributes of the players (e.g. gender, ethnicity or body shaming) will NOT_BE_TOLERATED either before, during, or after the game.

On the contrary, we will greatly encourage infighting based on in-game attributes of the characters (e.g. belonging to a different Gang, being a spoiled cunt from the Inner City).

Players will be able to use an innovative in-game communication system allowing them to exchange, among other things, photos and videos. It will NOT_BE_TOLERATED to use this system for exchange of sexual content (photos/videos), not even if explicitly agreed by the two players.

During the event, a moderate quantity of alcohol will be available for purchase (using in-game currency). Everyone knows their limit: should somebody take it too far and become a nuisance to other players, that person will be temporarily removed from the game.

In the management system, it will be possible for players to indicate a pronoun for their character. This is not mandatory, but it can help clarify which gender identity you want to play your character with. This information will be shown in other players sheets and we encourage you to respect it.