In this event, there will be several AUGMENTATIONS: cybernetic prostheses that replace parts of the body to give superhuman abilities to the subject who undergoes the enhancement.

In the game, all augs will consist of two different parts: the Shell and the Core . If we take the analogy of a car, the Shell represents the body, the internal structure, the wheels and the transmission system. The Core is the engine.

The same happens in a augmentation. The Shell is the mechanical prosthesis, able to function alone by imitating the original function of the limb / organ; the Core is an advanced biocompatible matrix device that functions as a "chip" that controls the prosthesis, interfacing with the brain and unlocking the advanced functions of the aug.

In the game the Shell are the aesthetic props that represent cybernetic implants, prepared by the players and integrated into their costume . The Cores are small pieces of plastic, roughly the size of an SD card, with a barcode and prepared by the staff.

While Cores can be found, bought or stolen in game, the same cannot be done for Shell , as are part of the costume of the other players and are therefore their property.

We strongly suggest that you prepare a costume that integrates several aesthetic props representing cybernetic implants in order to be ready in case you get your hands on a Core .

If you don't find the Core ... Do you know the basic rule of Sprawl? Style is more important than substance. Being cool is more important than doing things right.

Install an aug

Holder of Aug Core

Each player will have a dedicated holder for their Cores . This item will be out of the game, provided by staff, and each player will be required to have it on at all times.

A player who comes across a new Core , and wishes to install it, will first need to find a good Tek. Someone reliable enough to carry out the process and possess the Tek implant that allows you to perform cyber surgery operations.

Secondly, the player must make appropriate arrangements with the Iron Soul gang to use the machine for the cyber surgery operation, and must pay the credit fee for activation.

The Tek will perform an appropriate scene of a surgical and technological operation. At the end of the operation the Tek will install the Core inside the player's holder.

The Tek will explain how to use the new augmentation. From that moment, the character will be able to use it according to the specific rules that have been provided to him.

A Tek can add ONLY ONE Core during each operation. Furthermore, during the same session, the Tek can also remove ONLY ONE Core already installed. Whether it's as part of a deal - or to try and play sneaky. As a convention, when the operation is completed, the character immediately notices the Cores that have been installed in his brain ... and those that are not.

Note: the holders containing the Core are personal of the players, indicated with their character number, and are always to be considered "out of the game" ". In case you see one around, the only possible case is that someone has lost it: give it to the staff or arrange to get it back without opening it.

Using an aug

Each augmentation has a specific " power " that will be explained only to the person who has it installed. There is only a limited selection of the most common implants in the public domain.

The powers offered by the implants are narrative. To be used, they must be interpreted in a dialogical way: for example, if a Fixer has the implant that gives him discounts, he will not ask for them as if they were due: he will pretend to be able to snatch them from the interlocutor thanks to his gab.

Example: Hey, dude, look, if this hit succeeds, everyone will want to do business with you, seeing how well you supplied us. Then? I can see it in your eyes, Choomba. I will put your name on the lips of all the media. Okay, right? Here, we agree. Come to meet me on the price of these guns, and [OVERRIDE] you will now give me a 10% discount ".

When an implant is used, if a specific target is foreseen, you must clearly and clearly attract his attention by calling him by name, or at worst with a decisive: " Hey, you, listen to me! ".

Furthermore, in the event that a system that foresees a specific target is used, its effect is always evident to anyone who hears the keyword "OVERRIDE", even if they are not targets of the system in question. The choice of how to notice the use of power is left to the creativity of the players (for example, you may have noticed a sudden change of color in the user's digital pupils).

Each implant available in the game has a minimum role requirement (eg Corp 1, Corp 2 or Corp 3): this number refers to the number of traits related to that Role that the character must have in order to use it.

Each implant has a recharge time that must be waited before it can be used again. Some augs have additional specific rules that will be clearly spelled out when (and not if) you decide to abandon the fragile human condition to embrace transhumanism.

Each character starts the game with a level 1 aug. The choice of systems must be communicated to the Staff.

The price of transhumanism

Each operation has a cost to the character. And let's not talk about money.

Every time a character undergoes cyber-surgery, must sacrifice a memory . This will happen during the operation itself, following the rules detailed in "Sacrificing Memories".

Losing a Core

There are specific implants in the game that allow a player to remove a Core from another Defeated player.

During the execution of an appropriate scene, the player can extract only one Core from the Defeated player.

The operation is painful beyond measure for the unfortunate who undergoes it. When a Core is removed you lose the ability to use the specific power donated by the implant but you are able to continue using the limb / organ like its meat counterpart.

Carrying a Core

The advanced biocompatible matrix devices , known as " Core ", are extremely fragile and delicate. When exposed to external contaminants they degrade rapidly, beyond the point of any possible repair.

Whenever you wish to carry a Core , it must be kept isolated within dedicated props that will be made available by the staff .

As a convention, a Core that is kept out of a player's metal holder, or the dedicated prop, for more than 1 minute is irreversibly damaged - it can no longer be used , and must be handed over to the nearest staffer to be discarded.


Netzen is a very determined Ronin. The person playing him has prepared a realistic metal arm for him. Because this is Cyberpunk. And what's the point of playing Cyberpunk if not to fill you with cool cybernetic props?

At the beginning of the game Netzen can normally move the metal arm and do everything with it that would be possible with a normal human arm.

During the event Netzen gets his hands on a corporate briefcase. Netzen knows that in Sprawl, you have to seize the moment: without thinking twice, he opens it, he finds something that looks like a chip and calls Rigged, a fellow Tek.

Rigged confirms that this is a Core for an implant that will give its wearer a force capable of breaking down walls. Netzen replies "Hell, yes!" even before Rigged asks if he wants to install it.

The operation goes, incredibly, fine (besides the fact that Netzen has to sacrifice the only remaining memory of the dog he adored in adolescence) and Netzen can now use the power of the aug, as detailed in its specific rules.

Life, however, is not good for Netzen: the Corp tracks him down and asks him to give the chip back. Netzen says it's not that easy. The Corp smiles. He gets Netzen beaten up, while Rigged (in Sprawl, the promise of thousands of credits breaks even the most solid friendship) extracts the Core from his ex-friend. Netzen yells at the top of his voice. Rigged quickly places the core in a protective casing, before it spoils, and delivers it to the Corp.

The Corp then shoots Rigged because he doesn't want to leave witnesses. This is Cyberpunk, after all. But that's another story. Now let's go back to Netzen. The important thing is that:

Now Netzen can normally move his arm, as before, and do everything that would be possible with a normal human arm but he can no longer use the specific power of the implant.