We want to make the following point very clear: in this LARP each player, no matter their sex and ethnicity , can play any character. Cyberpunk is a cosmopolitan setting: traditional roles and cultures are constantly mixing together. For example, no player would “perceive” as weird to see a caucasian player interpreting Nakada’s CEO-it would be pointless to comment on that!

The following pictures should only be taken as suggestions for each group predominant culture and dress-code .
It’s hard to exactly pinpoint a predominant style for the event, especially since our Cyberpunk-setting where some groups would purposely build their visual identity to go against all rules and categories.
That’s why we’ve put together a picture and costumes gallery for each group to take inspiration from and added a brief overview on what style and effect your costume should convey.

We encourage players to use the dedicated Facebook costumes group to share their PoV on their group style: best results are generally achieved when players agree on some guidelines to follow so that they’re easily recognizable as a group during the event!
Costumes can,of course, contain autonomous light sources such as led,starlights etc. However, no flashing light will be tolerated, be it strobo or slow ones.


Powerful. Respectful. Feared.


Dominant. Commanding. Intimidating.


Elegance. Sophistication. Charming.

Iron Soul

An implant saved your life. Show it.

Black Storm

Sturdy. Reliable. They might want to take you down. Let them try.


Rebellion and defiance against the norm aren't choices - it's duty.


They think they know you. You let them believe it.

Neon Demons

It should be impossible for you to hide. Your body is a canvas.


When you got a bike and a gun, that's all you need for riding the hard trail.